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Face Your World encourages youngsters to develop a critical opinion about their own home environment. Face Your World stimulates youngsters to influence and to participate in the process of city renewal, and to show that their opinion is relevant. As a result of this process youngsters will get a clear view of their world. Face Your World consist of a tailor made educational program on location. Exploring (getting to know the neighbourhood and its users), Sketching (drawing down ideas and wishes for change) and Consulting (discussing with others to create a collective understanding of place) form its basis.

To assist this the Interactor software has been developed especially as a unique tool. This piece of multi-user software enables youngsters to rebuild their world with their own imagination, creativity and arguments. The created environment is a photographic three-dimensional representation of their neighbourhood, which enables the user to see the result of its modification instantly. The software and accompanying series of workshops combines urban renewal, graphic art, design, communication and philosophy. Face Your World can be used for educational purposes, but also for governmental processes. Face Your World is a new educational means of participating in urban renewal.