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Phase 0: Starting pointPhase 1: ExploringPhase 2: SketchingPhase 3: ConsultationPhase 4: BuildingUrbanLab SMCSRoundtable discussion (1)Workshop climbing objectWorkshop tree houseConsultation park design (1)Interview Mion KwonRoundtable discussion (2)Workshop seatsWorkshop fenceConsultation park design (2)Interview Carlos BasualdoRoundtable discussion (3)Workshop fountainConsultation park design (3)Workshop Chill-spotMuseum N8 AmsterdamInterview Brian HolmsConsultation periodOfficial consultation eveningOfficial approval designUrbanWorkshop SlotervaartPhase 5: Executing

Realizing the special objects

Van Heeswijk and Kaspori proposed a follow-up phase to sustain and to stimulate the existing involvement from the local community during the time till the realization of the park. StedelijkWerkplaatsen (UrbanWorkshops) are spaces to work on the further elaboration and realization of the special objects (do-trees, fountain, fencing, climbing/supervisor’s post, chilling’ areas, etc.) for the future park. Local residents and young people can produce the objects under the supervision of a project manager (contractor or designer). The UrbanWorkshop was part of a learning and work process within the neighborhood and form the beginning of a model in which education and work form the basis for stimulating the economic leverage and the cultural self-awareness of the area. The Workshop was associated as much as possible with existing initiatives in this area. For instance, the youngsters of the Blauwe Olifant worked together with visual artist Florentijn Hofman on the design of the Staalman.