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Exploring Rotterdam North

Face Your World was invited by the Rotterdamse Jongeren Raad to develop a project for the Erasmusarea in Rotterdam North. After demolishing a row of houses, housing cooperation ComWonen wanted to find a temporary use for the resulting empty lot. With the aid of the Interactor software, Francois Lombarts and Maartje Dros along with a group of teenagers from the neighborhood, focused in 2008 on the need of the teenagers, too old for an ordinary playground, for a more challenging recreational space. During the workshops the teenagers provided insight into the dynamics of the neighborhood. They made it apparent that they desired a space they could project themselves onto.

Outcome UrbanLab Erasmus area

'Inter-val' is a gathering space in a vacant lot in Rotterdam North, not only for those teenagers involved but also for the whole neighborhood. The design is based on an open shelter/stage. Functionally transparent in order to allow one to have a safe overview of the lot and yet still closed enough to offer intimacy. Around the stage a dynamic landscape of concrete blocks which function as seating elements are placed for passers by and onlookers provide a dynamic landscape. Inter-val was officially opened in December 2010.
Execution phase Inter-val Execution phase Inter-val
Inter-val in use Inter-val in use
Inter-val Erasmus Area Rotterdam Noth Inter-val Erasmus Area Rotterdam Noth

Credits UrbanLab Erasmus area

Project team UrbanLab Erasmus area

Education: Maartje Dros, Grafisch Lyceum, Dennis Kaspori, De Klimop school, Francois Lombarts, De Meidenkamer, Werkplaats van Speijck
Assistance: Irene den Hartoog
Technicians: Joost van Eeden, Ritse Mol
Technical realization Inter-val: V.d. Graaf Metaal, Oostzijde Beton, Slagboom verlichting

Commissioners and financiers UrbanLab Erasmus area

ComWonen, Rotterdamse Jongeren Raad