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Setting up camp at Kunsthal Rotterdam

From November 2006 till June 2007 over 2,500 children from Rotterdam schools participated in the Rotterdam version of the art project Face Your World. Rem Koolhaas agency OMA made a new design for the park but due to construction problems with the parking garage underneath the park the builders had to quit building months ago. With help of the specially developed Interactor software they changed the park next to the Kunsthal in a nice and exiting urban park. For this project the original location of the Museum Park was put in to the computer game as a 3D environment. This location was modified and reshaped by the participating children. Their vision for the future role and design of the Museum Park could function as new input for the developments of plans for the location.
Exploring phase Exploring phase
Building phase Building phase

Outcome UrbanLab Museumpark

The project resulted in alternative designs for the four different sections of the park; the White Room, the Event Area, the Romantic Garden and the Art Room. Each a small park within itself. From the 22nd of June till the 2nd of September 2007 a presentation of the outcome of the project and the ideas of the children could be seen on the fences surrounding the construction site. Face Your World Museumpark was located in the park between the Kunsthal Rotterdam, the Netherlands Architecture institute and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Face Your World Museumpark was presented as part of the 2007 Rotterdam Architectural Biennale.
The White Room The White Room
The Romantic Room The Romantic Room

Credits UrbanLab Museumpark

Project team UrbanLab Museumpark

Education: Lieneke van den Berg, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Dennis Kaspori, Kunsthal Rotterdam, Jana Mol, students Willem de Kooning Academie, the schools involved
Text & research: Merel Willemsen
Technicians: Joost van Eeden, Kunsthal

Commissioner and financier UrbanLab Museumpark

Kunsthal Rotterdam

Sponsors and financiers UrbanLab Museumpark

Dienst Kunst en Cultuur gemeente Rotterdam, Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Rotterdam, Rotterdam 2007 Jaar van de Architectuur, SKVR